Metsovo – a winter vacation destination

Metsovo, in northern Greece, is famous as a winter vacation destination. This town also attracts tourists as a ski resort and is ideal for practicing an important number of winter sports. This is a very cozy destination in which tourists could find charming cabins and chalets in which to relax after spending a day at a ski resort or walking around and enjoying picturesque landscapes and beautiful sceneries.

The town of Metsovo is mainly populated by Vlachs or Aromanians. The Vlachs have their own language called Aromanian and which has similar roots to the Romanian. This factor is part of the charm of this town and, while being in this area of Greece, tourists could meet a different culture with their own traditions and characteristics.

One of the most famous characteristics of Metsovo is provided by its excellent wines and cheeses. This town produces the famous Metsovone and Metsovela cheeses as well as it is where some outstanding vineyards, such as the Katogi, are located. This way, one of the main activities tourists should not miss during their visit to Metsovo is to taste these excellent products at a local tavern or restaurant while enjoying the beautiful surrounding landscapes.

Metsovo is also known by being the home of famous personalities such as Eleni Tositsa, Georgios Averoff, Nikolaos Stournaris and Michail Tositsas. It is also interesting to know that the National Technical University of Athens was founded in honor to Metsovo and its famous personalities. This way, this destination counts with an interesting background from a cultural point of view, and learning about it and visiting its museums can be another attractive activity tourists should consider.

Another interesting fact to know about Metsovo is that during the 1980’s, the longest tunnel in Greece started being built in this town. This tunnel would allow travelers to move from one point to another much easily than before and in a much shorter amount of time. This tunnel is intended to become a superhighway in the short term, a factor which is expected to attract a greater amount of visitors to the area.

Map of Metsovo in Greece