The municipality of Parga

Parga, located within the northwestern area of Greece, is a municipality as well as a town and counts with the peculiarity of being the only municipality in this country that is completely surrounded by other municipality, Thesprotia. Parga is situated nearby other attractive destinations in such a way that it can be found at about 65 kilometers from the north western area of Preveza, 40 kilometers from the southern area of Igoumenitsa, 60 kilometers from the north eastern area of Lefkada, and around 50 kilometers from the north western border of Vonitsa.

The town of Parga is very rich in history and its first settlements can be traced back many centuries ago. The first settlement of Parga is believed to be Ypargos, a group of inhabitants who populated this region of the country until the Slavs invaded it changing its name to Paragiros, Paragea, Epargos, Epagogos or Ypagogos, all of them words born from the Slavic term prag.

There are a lot of interesting places and antique constructions to meet in Parga. One of these antique buildings is the Castle of Parga, a beautiful construction which despite of the fact that it was built several centuries ago still maintains most of its original features and structural elements. This castle, surrounded by trees in a mysterious way, should be one of the first places tourists should visit while being in Parga.

Another interesting spot tourists should not miss in Parga is a little island situated near the harbor. This little island or islet offers some beautiful landscapes as well as it has a picturesque chapel and a few other charming attractions. Besides this, tourists should pay attention to the harbor itself since it is interesting as well and counts with some peculiar antique elements.

Families and small children could also find something fun to do by visiting the area of Lake Kalodiki. Lake Kalodiki, located towards the eastern area of Parga, is a sort of pond where a great amount of frogs inhabit and which can be especially exciting for children. Besides this attraction, Lake Kalodiki also offers some amazing sights and natural green surrounding areas where visitors can be in direct touch with the nature while walking around and breathing fresh air.

Map of Parga in Greece