Preveza – in Epirus

The city of Preveza is the capital of the Prefecture of same name situated within what is called the periphery of Epirus. This town and prefecture has several attractions as well as it is located nearby other interesting destinations in such a way that tourists can choose among a wide range of different places to visit.

While being in Preveza, tourists can easily visit Aktio since there is a new tunnel connecting both areas and providing a easy way to travel from one point to the other. Besides this, Prevenza is located near Thesprotia, Aetolia, and Lefkada, all of them interesting towns full of peculiarities and interesting attractions. All those tourists who wish to be able to visit several different places in the northern area of Greece could easily do so while staying at Preveza.

Due to its age and past, there is an important amount of cultural and historic places to visit in Preveza. Among these places, we can name, for example, the Ancient Necropolis, the Archeological site of Cassopi, the Fortress of Rhogoi Bouchetion, the Archeological Museum of Nicopolis, the Nekyomanteion of Acheron anciently known as the Oracle of the Death, the Byzantine Necropolis, the Monastery of Aghios Demetrios, and the Roman Villa of Rizes.

Preveza also has a charming small port worthwhile taking the time to visit and observe it in detail. Besides this, near this port, visitors could also find some picturesque taverns offering local and traditional food as well as a variety of great sea food dishes. One of the local dishes most recommended by those who have visited this town is the grill sardines accompanied with wild greens pie.

Despite of its small size, Preveza counts with a very attractive nightlife. During night time, tourists could find a variety of pubs, clubs and other fun places which attract not only locals and tourists but also people from other nearby towns and cities. This way, this is a very versatile and complete destination in which all tourists, no matter what their age or preferences are, could surely find something exciting and fun to do.

Map of Preveza in Greece