The port of Sagiada

Sagiada is the port area and fishing village of the town of Filiates, a picturesque small city located towards the northern area of Greece. This town and its port can be found at about 20 kilometers from Igoumenitsa and counts with many attractive spots, antique constructions and beautiful landscapes as well as a very friendly environment and welcoming inhabitants.

The port of Sagiada is one of the most attractive spots tourists can visit while being in Filiates. This port is surrounded by a picturesque small fishing village where tourists can usually meet friendly people and enjoy great traditional dishes at the local taverns. The port itself is very attractive and visitors should take their time to walk around and observe its different corners as well as try to see it from far, ideally while enjoying a drink or a meal at a tavern.

Sagiada is very interesting from the point of view of history due to the fact that it is a very antique fishing town which has gone through an important amount of different historical events and époques. Due to its strategic location, Sagiada and its port were very important during the times of the Turkish occupation. During this époque, the port of Sagiada became an important commercial centre and was very prosperous, being this a remarkable wealthy period of time in its history.

Sagiada, and the rest of Filiates, count with an important amount of antique constructions which turn it into a very attractive destination for all those tourists who are fond of disciplines such as architecture, history and design among many others. This way, it is very recommendable not to miss visiting Sagiada not only when being in Filiates but also when being in other nearby destinations.

One of the main places visitors should not miss while being in Sagiada is the Monastery of Giromeri. This monastery was built around 1285, and nowadays still conserves many of its original structural elements and characteristics. Besides this, visitors can also meet the Folflore Museum of the town of Tsamata, and what is known as the Secret School near that village.

Map of Sagiada in Greece