The Diapondia Islands

The Diapondia Islands is a group of five islands located within the Ionian archipelago of Greece. Three of these five islands, Mathraki, Ereikousa, and Othoni are populated, although they count with a very small amount of inhabitants. Despite of this, tourists could easily find all the basic commodities and facilities they might need in order to have a comfortable vacation.

One of the most famous spots in the Diapondia Islands is what is known as the Channel of Love. The Channel of Love is a rocky cove of mysterious appearance located at about 2 kilometres from Sidari. It is said that every single woman who swims in the Channel of Love would find a husband, in such a way that this myth, along with its mysterious appearance, cause it to be a very picturesque attraction.

The most popular and visited of the Diapondia Islands is Ereikousa. Ereikousa, located near Corfu, has beautiful beaches, many restaurants and facilities and a great amount of amazing natural and unspoiled spots. This island is perfect for a tranquil vacation, where visitors who like being close to the nature, enjoy amazing landscapes and avoid crowds would surely be able to have a great time.

The Diapondia island of Othoni is a destination very popular among Italian tourists in such a way that all year around, and specially in high season, is easy to observe Italian yachts and tourists vacationing in it. This island offers beautiful natural landscapes, such as unspoiled woods and outstanding beaches. Besides this, this island also has a few restaurants and taverns where tourists can enjoy amazing local dishes and traditional drinks.

Reaching the Diapondia Islands might not be as easy as it is to travel to most of the other Ionian destinations. There are boats travelling from Corfu to the Diapondia Islands with a frequency of about three or four times a week, as well as there also are excursions that include this destination in their itinerary. This way, it is recommendable that tourists who wish to visit these island at any specific moment make sure they will have a way to reach them and, if possible, book their ticket in advance.

Map of the Diapondia Islands in Greece