The strategic Kythira

Kythira, located in the Ionian archipelago of Greece, is an island with a very rich historical past due to the fact that it is situated in a very strategic location. Despite of the fact that from the point of view of culture and geography it belongs to the Ionian archipelago, this island is administered by Attica and is part of the prefecture of Piraeus.

The origins of Kythira as a populated spot can be traced back to the 2nd millennium BC. During that époque, and according to some anthropologic discoveries, this island was home of a Minoan colony. After them, and towards the 5th century BC, Kythira became home of a group of settlers from Athens. During that time, this island became known as the Island of Aphrodite, since according to Greek mythology it was one of the favourite places of the goddess.

Besides the Minoans and Athens settlers, Kythira has also been home of several other inhabitants. This island has been rules by Byzantines, Romans, Turks, Venetians, and pirates. Pirates have invaded this island in several occasions, in such a way that still nowadays tourists can find a variety of hidden monasteries built between rocks in order to mislead these invaders. This island did not become an official part of Greece until 1865 when it was declared to be part of the emergent Greek State.

Nowadays, Kythira has a population of approximately 3,400 inhabitants and is a very tranquil and attractive destination. This destination has a variety of small and attractive beaches as well as many interesting antique constructions. Kythira is perfect for a romantic vacation as well as for all those who wish to travel to a place in which they can relax and forget about the stress of big cities.

Two of the most interesting spots tourists can visit in Kythira is the port and the capital city. The port of Kythira is located in Agia Pelagia and is a very attractive and picturesque place near which visitors can find restaurants offering great fresh fish dishes. The main town of Kythira, Chora, is located towards the southern area of the island and is where tourists would find most of this destination’s facilities and commodities.

Map of Kythira in Greece