The large Keffalonia

Kefallonia is the largest island in the Greek archipelago of the Ionian Sea. This island is often called Cephallania, Kefallania, and Cephallonia, named that was given to it after the mythological Cephalus, and is one of the most attractive and popular destinations in the entire archipelago.

Kefallonia, as it can be reflected in its name, is strongly related to the ancient Greek mythology. This island received its name after the mythical hero Cephalus, who would have gone to this island looking for a spot where to hide. This relation with mythology, and the somehow mysterious appearance, provides this island with an extra charm and appealing which added to its natural beauty causes it to be one of the most attractive destinations in all Greece.

The island of Kefallonia has a population of approximately 45.500 inhabitants and a territory of about 800 km2, in such a way that its population density is of around 55 inhabitants per km2. From the point of view of geography, Kefallonia is very varied and offers a very attractive contrast of elements, among which we can name, for example, spots with dense vegetation, beaches, caves, and mountains.

The main mountain of Kefallonia is Mount Ainos. Mount Ainos has a height of 5350 feet or 1628 meters and is part of a mountain range that is protected as a national park. From this and other surrounding mountains, visitors can enjoy amazing views on not only the surrounding islands but that entire region of Greece as well.

The beaches of Kefallonia are some of the most beautiful beaches in the Ionian archipelago and all Greece. Its main beach, called Mirtos, is so beautiful that is actually considered to be the fifth most spectacular beach in the world. Without any doubt, its beaches are one of the main attractions, if not the main, of Kefallonia.

Kefallonia has an airport and five ports and harbours. The Kefallonia Airport is located next to Argostoli and allows tourists to easily reach this destination from many origins. From its ports, visitors can also arrive to Kefallonia coming from a wide variety of places, such as from Ithaca, Kyllini, Lefkas, Poros, Patras, Sami, Lixouri, and Zante.

Map of Keffalonia in Greece