Mount Kyllini

Mount Kyllini is a Greek destination surrounded by mysticism as well as it is part of mythological stories. This mount is situated within the region of Peloponnese, towards the western side of Corinth, and has a height of about 2370 meters and a length of about 8 kilometers. This is one of the most magical and picturesque destinations tourists could find in this area of Greece as well as in the entire country, and it is very recommendable to learn how it is mentioned in the ancient mythology before meeting it in order to be able to enjoy its charm as much as possible.

According to the Greek mythology, this mount was a central spot for several events. One of the most famous of these events that took place in Mount Kyllini was the birth of Hermes, since according to the mythology this Greek God was born in a cave in this spot. This is reflected through the Homeric Hymn which talks about the God Hermes being in a sacred place in Kyllene or Kylliny.

The name of this Mount, Kylliny also counts with a mythological origin. Kyllene was a nymph of the mountain who was part of one of the most antique époques in the Greek mythology. This way, as it is possible to see, this mountain is strongly bounded with mythology and mysticism, and meeting it can be a very unique and peculiar experience.

To those who reach its top, this mountain offers a very impressive and amazing view on the surroundings and the entire north eastern area of Peloponnese. This way, those tourists who enjoy landscaping and taking pictures should reach the top of Kyllini and have a great time observing some of the most beautiful sights they could meet in the region.

After visiting Kyllini, tourists can also meet a variety of other near by spots. Among these other spots visitors can meet when going to Mount Kyllini there is, per example, Kessari, Feneos, Kastania, Evrostini, Stymfalia, and Goura, among many others. This is a very particular and unique destination, different to most others, and therefore a spot which tourists should try to visit while being in this area of Greece.