The town of Poros

Poros is a small and charming Greek town located within the Saronic Gulf Islands, in the municipality of Elios Pronnoci and, more exactly, towards the south eastern area of Kefalonia. This destination is very attractive for a variety of reasons since it offers several different attractions and could be a great choice for tourists who enjoy the sea as well as to those who enjoy the nature or to those who wish to meet spots rich in history.

It is interesting to know that there are three different main attractive areas can be discovered within Paros. The first one of these three areas would be the port, the second would be the beaches area, and the third the village of Aragia. Each one of these spots offers something unique and they are all worthwhile to be met during a visit to the town.

The port area of Poros counts with several attractive traditional taverns and cafes, where tourists can enjoy the traditional dishes of a typical Greek village as well as usually meet friendly local people. Besides this, in this area tourists should not miss the port, of course, which is one of the main attractions in this town and counts with a very interesting past.

The beaches area of Poros is another spot tourists should not miss when visiting this destination. This town has several beautiful beaches, in which visitors could enjoy clear green bluish waters as well as soft sands while being surrounded by a very relaxing environment. Within this area, tourists would find the main beach town of Poros, with interesting taverns and attractive constructions, as well as some shops, a bank, a post office, and a police station, among others.

Aragia, is a village or town located within the surroundings of Poros and consider as one of the main attractions in the area. This town is separated of Poros by the River Vohinas, a river which actually gave Poros its name. The word Poros can be translated as “crossing”, or “trespassing”, and this word became the name of this destination due to the way in which the River Vohinas communicates it with Aragia.

Map of Poros in Greece