Agios Kirkykos, in Icaria

Agios Kirykos is a municipality as well as the capital town of the island of Icaria, within the north eastern Aegean Islands. During a vacation in Greece in this destination, visitors could meet interesting antique constructions, beautiful landscapes, attractive beaches, and a very charming overall sight provided by the combination of all these elements.

One of the most interesting places tourists can visit in Agios Kirykos and particularly all those who are fond of disciplines such as anthropology or history is what is known as the Archaeological Collection of Ayios Kirikos. The Archaeological collection of Ayios Kirikos exhibits discoveries from many different parts of the island, such as from Spilaio Chrisostomou, Anemotafia, Monokampi, Kamari fournon, Drakano, Mavrikato, Fyri, and Aspa.

This town is where most of the communications and transportation centers of Icaria are located, in such a way that it is where most visitors arrive by sea and air when meeting the island. It might also be interesting to know that the population of this town, considering some surrounding settlements such as Agios Pantelemontas, Panagia, Christos, and Kountoumas, is of approximately 2200 inhabitants.

Tourists who wish to have a very relaxing vacation in Agios Kirykos should not miss the Hot Spring of Asclepious. The Hot Spring of Asclepius is not only one of the main attractions of the town, but is actually often the main reason by which tourists arrive to this destination. This hot spring, also known as Moustafa, is located next to the Central Square of Agios Kirykos and is a must for anybody who wishes to relax as much as possible during their vacation.

The Central Square of Agios Kirykos, also known as Platia, is a charming spot which combines antique constructions, beautiful natural sights, and an attractive modern life in a very interesting way. In this square, visitors could find a variety of restaurants, bars, cafes, and shops surrounded by trees and facing the beautiful coast line of the town. Besides this, and also in this square, tourists would be able to observe a marble statue that was created in honor to Icarian soldiers and which is iconic in this town.

Map of Agios Kirkykos in Greece