The mountanious Kalamos

Kalamos is one of the most mountainous islands in the Greek archipelago of the Ionian Sea. The capital of Kalamos is the port village of same name and is where the highest percentage of the approximately 650 inhabitants of the island lives. This is a very picturesque and unique spot which, due to its geographical characteristics, stands out from most of the surrounding destinations.

When approaching to Kalamos, tourists often feel like it seems to be a group of mountains floating on the sea. These mountains are combined with forests and groups of old pine trees, in such a way that this island shows a very beautiful and wild appearance which usually surprises visitors even before they arrive to it.

The port of Kalamos and its capital city are located towards the eastern side of the island. This port usually receives boats from several destinations and is the arriving spot of many visitors who go to the island for the day in order to meet its beautiful landscapes and enjoy a fresh fish dish at a local restaurant. Besides this, this island has been chosen as the preferred summer destination of many travellers from around the world who have acquired a summer residence and arrive every year in order to enjoy its unspoiled and beautiful landscapes.

Kalamos town and its port is the economical centre of the island. An important part of the island resources are based on activities related to its port, such as fishing and the commerce with other islands. This way, this port is in permanent activity and is one of the most interesting spots to visit in the island when willing to learn more about every day life and traditions of its inhabitants.

When walking around and meeting the town of Kalamos, tourists would find picturesque narrow streets surrounded by charming stone houses. Due to the characteristics of its streets, there are few cars in this town, and most of its inhabitants usually walk or use a bike to go from one point to other. This town is very attractive as well as peculiar due to the way in which it unites a wild and mountainous background with the port, the sea, and some beaches.

Map of Kalamos in Greece