Attica – in southern Greece

Attica is a region located in southern Greece known as a subdivision and in which the city of Athens is situated. This region is among the most visited ones in Greece, due to the interesting Athens as well as many other appealing cities, spots, and attractions. This way, it is easy to imagine the way in which Attica receives visitors in a constant basis and is ready to offer most of the facilities a tourists could need in order to be comfortable.

The region of Attica covers about 3.800 km2 and contains several important cities, such as per example Athens, Eleusius, Megara, Peiraeus, Marathon, and Laurium. Besides these important cities, there also are some other interesting destinations located within the area of Attica, among which we can name several islands, such as per example Aegina, Hydra, Salamis, Kythira, Antikythira, and Spetses.

The geographical location in which Attica is situated contains a chain of Mountains which divide it into three main plains known as Medogeia, Thriasia, and Pedia. Some of the main mountains in the region are Geraneia, Aigaleo, Penteli, Parnitha, and Hymettus.

The climate in the region of Attica offers mild and cool weather during winter time and high temperatures in summer at most low areas, while in the mountains the climate tends to be much colder and hey offer low temperatures year around. This way, tourists should have a clear idea of which areas of Attica they will visit in order to be properly prepared for each spot’s weather conditions.

It is interesting to know that Attica is divided into different prefecture areas: East Attica, Piraeus, West Attica, and Athens. Athens, the capital of the entire country, counts with an area of about 3.800 km2 and more than 3.840.000 inhabitants, with a density of around 1315 people per km2.

Although Athens is most of the times seen as the main attraction in the region of Attica, visitors should also try to meet other cities and spots in this region since many of them also have several interesting things to offer. It is very recommendable that tourists ask for guidance at a tourist information center in order to make sure of being aware of all the interesting spots they could meet while being in Attica.

Map of Attica in Greece