Spetses – in Attica

Spetses, located within the prefecture of Attica, is a small sized island which belongs to the Saronic Gulf islands’ archipelago. This island used to belong to the Argolidocorinthis archipelago until about half century ago, when that prefecture became divided between Corinthia and Argolis.

The island of Spetses has a small town or settlement, being this a peculiarity since there are not more than three provinces in the entire Greece than have two provinces and less than five settlements. Besides than this peculiarity, there are many reasons and attractions by which tourists should visit this island, among which we can name, for example, antique constructions, archaeological spots, and beautiful natural landscapes, among others.

Tourists can visit Spetses arriving from a variety of other islands and spots, such as, for example, Plaka, Leonidi, Napfilon, or Piraeus. There are daily ferries connecting all those places with Spetses, allowing tourists to easily visit this destination at almost any time they might prefer.

Motor vehicles are not allowed in Spetses, and therefore visitors have to travel from one spot to the other walking as well as by horse or water taxi if they prefer a faster transportation method. This island is so small and there is so much to visit than walking around is usually the best option, since it is the one that allows tourists to visit as much places as they desire in their own pace.

One of the main attractions offered by Spetses is provided by the archaeological discoveries that took place in it. Archaeological discoveries dating from as long ago as the year 2000 BC were discovered in this island, turning it into a very important place from the point of view of history, anthropology, and archaeology among other disciplines.

Tourists who enjoy meeting antique religious constructions would also find in Spetses a very attractive destination. In this island, visitors can find many churches of different sizes and dating from different centuries spread throughout its territory, as well as a variety of other antique buildings which might be of great interest for all those who are fond of disciplines such as architecture, design, and history.

Map of Spetses in Greece