Corinthia – a Greek prefecture

Corinthia is a Greek prefecture which belongs to the region of Peloponnese, in the metropolitan area of Athens. The capital of this prefecture is Corinth, and it counts with a population of around 160.000 inhabitants spread within an area of 2.290 square kilometers.

Between the years 1832 and 1898, Corinthia was called Argolidocorinthia and the town nowadays known as Argolis was part of it as well as other towns such as Spetses, Hydra, and Kythira. After going through some situations, around the year 1949 Corinthia was definitely separated from Argolidocorinthia, and recognized as a prefecture.

Corinthia’s weather is very nice and enjoyable year around. During summer time, it offers hot temperatures which turn into nice breezes during nights, while in winter time the climate presents more moderate temperatures. Within the mountainous areas, tourists could also find some snowy areas, some of them ideal for skiing and practicing other snow related sports.

The economy of Corinthia is based on agriculture and other farm related resources. This way, this area’s main resources are based on the local sale and exportation of olives, citruses, tomatoes, and a variety of vegetables. This destination offers important extensions of lands, pastures, and many farms, which are a great environment for those visitors who enjoy green open areas.

There are many towns spread throughout the prefecture of Corinthia. Among these towns, we can name, per example, Kiato, with a population of around 9700; Agioi Theodoroi, with a population of around 4970; Loutraki, with a population of more than 10.600; Corinth, with more than 30.430 inhabitants; and Nemea, with a population of about 4100 people, among many other towns.

The most important and most populated towns in Corinthia are Corinth, Loutraki, Kiato, Xylokastro, and Agioi Theodoroi. But besides these main towns, there also are around6 other towns, in such a way that Corinthia has about 11 or 12 important towns located within its prefecture area. This way, there are many different spots tourists could meet while being in this destination, many of the unique and picturesque, as well as many others offering interesting historical pasts and places.

Map of Corinthia in Greece