Argolis – Kathrevousa in ancient Greece

The prefecture of Argolis or Argolida, formerly called Katharevousa in Ancient Greece, is a Greek prefecture situated towards the eastern area of the Peloponnese. This prefecture is neighbor of the Sacronic Gulf, the prefecture of Attica, and Troezen to the east and south east, as well as of Arcadia to the west, Corinthia to the north, and the Argolic Gulf to the south. One of the main attractive of Argolis is the wide variety of different landscapes and options it offers, and surely every tourists would always find something that suits his needs.

Argolis did not become a separated prefecture until the year 1949. Between 1832 and 1899, this spot belonged to the region known as Argolidocorinthia. Towards 1909, Argolis became apart of the prefecture of Corinthia, a situation which endured until 1949 when it became the prefecture of Argolis.

There are three main provinces situated within the area of Argolis: the Province of Argos, the Province of Ermioni, and the Province of Nafplio. Within Argolis and these Provinces there also are several municipalities and towns, such as for example, Asini, Argos, Asklipiei, Koutsopodi, Ermioni, Kranidi, Epidaurus, Lyrkeia, Nafplio, Mykines, Lerna, Nea Tiryntha, and Nea Kios.

The prefecture of Argolis is characterized by having important extensions of very fertile lands. Most of these fertile lands are located within the central area of the prefecture, although there are some more at other areas as well. Among the main economical resources of this region we can find the production, distribution and exportation of oranges and olives, although there are several other products which take part of this chain as well.

The western area of Argolis offers beautiful landscapes with hills and mountains as the main protagonists. On the other hand, the south and eastern areas of this prefecture offers landscapes in which beaches and coastlines predominate and where visitors can enjoy a relaxing sun bath, swim, and practice a variety of other sea related activities. This way, it is easy to see the wide variety of different options offered by this destination, and it is most likely every visitor would always find something entertaining to do.

Map of Argolis in Greece