Diakofto – a charming Greek village

Diakofto is a picturesque small town located in the region of Peloponnese, Greece. The most appealing characteristic of this town is the way in which it conserves many traditions and allows visitors to observe the life in a small village and interact with local people who are always very welcoming and most of the times willing to talk to foreigners about their town, its history, its traditions, and the interesting spots to meet.

The best way to meet the town and its people is by forgetting the use of a car, since it is very small, and there is not better way to have a nice idea of the town’s every day life than by slowly and relaxed than by walking around. This way, while walking, tourists could really enjoy the village and interact with its population as well as they would be able to pay attention to any small detail they might wish.

The village of Diakofto is near to Kalavryta, another interesting destination in Peloponesse. There is a railway which connects both destinations and allows visitors to travel from one of them to the other in one hour. This way, it is not only very easy, but also very recommendable to try to visit Kalavryta when visiting Diakofto, or vice versa, visit Diakofto while visiting Kalavryta. Both of these destinations have interesting and attractive characteristics to offer, and due to their closeness it is very easy to meet both of them while being in the region.

The train which goes from Diakofto to Kalavrita is often seen as one of the most picturesque elements in the town and the region. This train is very small, consisting on a few coaches and is very simple and rather small in its interior as well, but has become part of the town’s culture and allows people to travel by the region on a daily basis. While going from Diakofto to Kalavryta in this train, visitors could also meet some other villages, such as per example Zaxloro.

Another interesting spot within this destination is the Gorge of Diakofto. The Gorge of Diakofto is a natural attraction and one of the most visited spots within this destination. This gorge attracts many hikers as well as many other visitors who enjoy natural landscapes and being in environments which offer plenty of green, plants, trees, and water. This spot is located near Diakofto as well as near Kalavryta and can be easily visited from both destinations.

Map of Diakofto in Greece