Kalavryta – a town and a large municipality

Kalavryta, in the Greek region of Peloponnese, is not only a town, but also a province and a large municipality. This destination can be found at about 40 kilometers from the southern part of Aigio, about 190 kilometers from Athens, and about 85 kilometers from the northwestern area of Tripoli. This destination is interesting from several different points of view, and would be a great place for those who like spending time close to the nature, as well as to those who enjoy meeting antique constructions or practicing sports.

The weather in this area of Greece is usually colder than other surrounding destinations, offering cold and snowy winters which turn it into an idea place for skiing. During summer time, the climate tends to be less cold, although the temperatures are still colder than in other Peloponessian destinations.

Kalavryta is where a famous railway was created, the Diakopto-Kalavryta Railway. The Diakopto-Kalavryta Railway was built around 1885 by Italian engineers, and has been always functioning since then, being the main connection between the town of Diakopto and Kalavryta. This railway offers visitors the chance to meet and visit several interesting spots in this region and allows them to enjoy some amazing views as well.

Cave Lakes is one of the main attractions visitors can find in Kalavryta. This cave is very beautiful and large and contains some lakes within its interior, a characteristic which causes it to be very peculiar and unique. Near this spot, there also is another interesting place which those who enjoy sports should not miss: Kalavryta’s Ski Centre, a place in which visitors can not only ski but also enjoy an amazing view on the region.

There also are several interesting buildings and constructions spread throughout the municipality of Kalavryta. The Monastery of Kalavryta is one of these constructions. This monastery was built several centuries ago, and counts with the peculiarity of being situated at a height of about 940 meters in such a way that its visitors can have a great view on the surrounding areas. Besides this monastery, tourists should also visit the Mega Spilio, a religious construction located towards the north eastern area of Kalavryta.

Map of Kalavryta in Greece