Lake Vouliagmeni and its medicinal waters

The Lake Vouliagmeni is not only famous as a very beautiful spot but also but also as containing medicinal waters. This spot has been visited by people who wish to enjoy its waters for centuries, and is one of the most attractive areas in the Greek region of Peloponnese. Visitors approach in order to enjoy its beautiful shores, practice different water sports, relax in front of unique landscapes, taste excellent local dishes, and have a great time in a picturesque environment.

Lake Vouliagmeni has an extension of about 26 km or 15 miles, and is located within the municipality called after it, Vouliagmeni, at about 20 kilometers from the central area of Athens. This lake provides an ideal destination for all those who enjoy water related activities, and it is very common to see visitors fishing, swimming and even windsurfing in this region.

The municipality of Vouliagmeni has a population of about 4000 inhabitants, and offers a very beautiful scenery which combines the attractive of the water which the charm of an appealing mountainous background provided by the Hymettus mountains. This municipality has many beautiful beaches and shores, some of them by the sea and some others provided by Lake Vouliagmeni, but all of them beautiful and ideal for relaxing while observing unique sights.

Lake Vouliagmeni’s waters partially come from underground currents from Mount Hymettus. This lake is at about 40 cm from the regular level of the ground and one of its most peculiar and appealing characteristics is based on the fact that its waters offer a constant temperature of about 24º C, a fact placed among the first qualities in the list of the lake’s attractions.

Before the middle Ages, Lake Vouliagmeni was a cavern. This cavern became the actual lake after an important earthquake caused it to collapse and take the actual shape and characteristics. Nowadays, the lake can be still traced into Mount Hymettus, and it is possible to see, now and then, some experienced divers exploring it, although it is not recommendable to amateurs due to the important risks it implies.

Map of Lake Vouliagmeni in Greece