Tripolis – the capital of Arcadia

Tripolis, the capital of Arcadia, is one of the most visited and interesting cities in the Peloponnese. This city, also known as Tripoli, Tripolitsa, Tripolitza, or Tripolizza, is located in the central area of the region of Peloponnese, within the province of Mantineia, a densily populated spot. The city of Tripolis meets with Korynthos towards it eastern side, with Falanthos in the west, with Levidi in the north, and with Tegea in the south.

The origins of this city are strongly related to its name since it was created through the union of three populated areas, causing it to be called Tripolis which means three cities. Towards the southern and western areas of this city, there are forests and important amounts of lands, while towards the western and eastern side there are mountainous formations.

Tripolis has a variety of antique constructions situated at its central area as well as within its surroundings. Among the antique spots and constructions visitors can meet in Tripolis there is, per example, the main square, the Courthouse of Plareia Areos, the House of Costas Karyotakis, the Cathedral, and the Monastery of Panagia tis Epano Chrepas among several others.

One interesting place tourists should avoid missing while meeting Tripolis is the Archeological Museum. The Archeological Museum of Tripolis shows many unique elements and objects from ancient times, some of them discovered by excavations throughout the entire region of Arcadia and which have allowed archeologists to gain important amounts of knowledge on the past of the region and the world.

While visiting Tripoli, tourists can also meet several other appealing towns located in the surroundings. Among these other towns, there is Rizes, Vouno, Steno, Levidi and Korynthio among many others. Each one of these surrounding towns, villages and spots contains several unique attractions, and it is not unusual that visitors take some extra time in order to meet them all. Ancient Tegea, per example, is one of these surrounding destinations tourists should not miss. This spot used to be the main city of Arcadia in Ancient Greece, and therefore it offers a very rich historical past as well as several unique constructions.

Map of Tripolis in Greece