Methoni and its Castle

Methoni is a Peloponnesian destination famous by its castle and other antique constructions. This spot, located in the Greek prefecture of Messinia, is probably one of the most appealing in that area of the country for all those visitors who are fond of disciplines such as architecture, design, and history.

The castle of Methoni was built during the 7th century and can be found towards the south western coast of the region. The main gate or entrance is located on the north side of the building and visitors would need to walk by an impressive stone bridge in order to enter this construction. This bridge has 14 arches of stone and is one of the first interesting structural elements tourists could observe during their visit to the castle.

The main structure of the Castle of Methoni, where the entrance is situated, is connected to other two attached structures located at the sides. As a whole, this construction shows a huge size and is very striking and imposing in such a way that it is impossible to avoid feeling impressed when meeting it.

There also are several other interesting spots and constructions located within the area of Methoni and its surroundings. One of these spots is what is known as the Catacombs of St. Onoufrios, an antique cemetery which has the particularity of being created into the rocks. Another interesting place located towards the northern side of Methoni is St. Vassileios, a Temple which dates from the 10th century AD.

The Temple of St. Leos, situated at about 4 km from Methoni, is another attractive construction visitors can meet while being in the area. The Temple of St. Leos, also known as the Temple of Aghiolaos shows a unique combination of Hellenic Byzantine style mixed with Venetian architecture. On the other hand, those tourists who wish to be close to nature can meet the Island of Sapienza, a beautiful natural spot full of amazing trees, plants, forests, and rock formations. This island is often seen as a destination itself, and receives many visitors in a constant basis who approach to Methoni willing to be able to visit this natural beauty.

Map of Methoni in Greece