Koroni and its Castle

Koroni is a town built over the same spot where the ancient town of Asine was. Tourists who visit this spot could meet constructions dating from as long ago as the 6th century or even earlier along with modern buildings. This way, this is a modern town built over antique ruins which combines elements from different époques in a very peculiar and unique way.

The Castle of Koroni is the most emblematic and visited construction in Koroni and one of the most interesting in the entire region of Messinia as well. This castle is located towards the eastern side of modern Koroni, and was constructed over the central spot of Asine’s old town. This way, there are several reasons turning this spot into a very interesting and attractive one which causes tourists from many different origins to approach and visit it.

The past and history of the Castle of Koroni is one of the main attractions offered by this construction. Since it was built, towards the 7th century, this building has gone though many different events and historical moments, some of them of great importance, and it is very recommendable learning about them before meeting it in order to count on as much information as possible to make the visit a great experience and avoid missing any interesting corner.

One of the most important moments through which the Castle of Koroni passed happened during the first years of the 13th century. During those years, the Castle of Koroni was taken by the Venetians who turned it into a supplying center and a base for their activities. Later, around the year 1500, this castle was taken again, this time by the Turks, who remained at its control until 1687, when the Venetians fought them for it and then occupied it once again. Towards 1715, the Venetians left the castle, and the Turks became in control of it once more until 1828 when French men liberated it.

Besides the castle, there also are several other interesting constructions to meet in Koroni. Among these other interesting constructions there is, per example, the Church of St. Charalambos, the Church of Aghia Sophia, and the Church of Panaghia Eleistria. Besides these buildings, tourists would also find a variety of other interesting spots to meet, as well as several attractive landscapes to enjoy.

Map of Koroni in Greece