Finikounda – a picturesque fishing village

Finikounda is a very unique and charming small village situated towards the western area of the Greek region of Peloponnese. One of the most interesting and attractive characteristics of this village is the fact that it is almost undiscovered by crowds and therefore tourists who visit it can have a great time while easily relaxing as well as enjoy a typical Greek village unspoiled by the approach of great amounts of visitors.

The friendliness and warmth of local people are one of the main pros of this destination. Finikounda’s inhabitants are very welcoming to visitors and willing to talk and share information on the town as well as help or guide any tourist who might need it. This way, this aspect is one of the most valuable and attractive of Finikounda, and tourists should not be shy if they need to ask for help, directions, or information about anything related to the village.

Finikounda counts with several amazing beaches and beautiful coastlines which turn this destination into an ideal one for those who enjoy being close to the water. Finikounda is an ideal spot for those tourists who wish to relax and sunbath while enjoying amazing sea related landscapes, as well as to those who like practicing beach and water related sports such as swimming, playing handball, fishing, snorkeling, and sailing, among others.

There’s also an interesting night life in Finikounda. Tourists could visit several different restaurants, bars, and taverns offering a variety of great dishes, meals, and drinks. There are several local dishes visitors should not miss while being in Finikounda, most of them containing seafood in honor to the main economical resource of the town: fishing. This way, visitors could enjoy some amazing fresh seafood dishes as well as several other meals accompanied with wines from the region or any other drink they might desire.

Finikounda also offers a variety of sports which tourists can practice while meeting and enjoying the village. These sports comprehend not only sea related activities such as snorkeling, swimming, or sailing, but also other such as mountain biking. Visitors can explore some beautiful hills in the village and its surroundings by renting a bike and meet many attractive spots on their way. There are many unique constructions and places to visit in Finikounda, such as per example, a charming harbor, and a beautiful main square, among others.

Map of Finikounda in Greece