The varied Elia

Elia is a beautiful region located at about 300 kilometers from the western area of Athens, next to the regions of Kalamata and Patras, in the Peloponnese. This spot is particularly attractive due to several reasons, such as its open green areas, its natural elements, its constructions, and its historical places among several others.

The region of Elia has fertile lands and amazing fields which provide it with some of its main economical resources. Within these lands, the inhabitants of Elia grow or cultivate vegetables, olives, grapes, corn, wheat, and produce some of the best wines in the Peloponnese. This allows visitors to enjoy a variety of fresh natural products as well as to meet the fields in which they are growth while breathing pure air and observing amazing natural landscapes.

The capital of Elia, or Ilia as it is locally called sometimes, is Pyrgos. This city is very welcoming to visitors, and no matter what their preferences are, it is most likely all tourists would be able to enjoy and have a nice time while staying in this capital and visiting its surroundings.

The valley of Olimpia is one of the most attractive spots of Elia. This valley, located towards the eastern side of Pyrgos, contains one of the most antique and impressive sanctuaries of the entire world, the Olimpia, after which the valley was named. Many of the ancient Greek myths name this sanctuary, and back in that époque it was strongly attached to love in such a way that many travelers would go to it in order to ask for help or to worship the love and the strength.

Elia also has a great coast line, full of attractive beaches as well as several picturesque bays and amazing landscapes. This way, visitors who wish to go to the beach and be surrounded by water related landscapes, would also be able to easily do so while being in Elia. As it can be noticed, this destination offers activities and spots suitable to a very wide range of preferences and tastes, and no matter what a visitor wish to do or meet, he will surely be able to do so.

Map of Elia in Greece