The antique region of Arcadia

Arcadia is considered to be the spot which had the first inhabitants in the entire region of Peloponnese. Besides of counting with this particularity, Arcadia is also often described as one of the most beautiful spots in the Peloponnese, and therefore, it is very recommendable that tourists try to meet it while being in this region of Greece.

The capital of Arcadia is Tripolis, situated towards the central area of this destination. Tripoli is a modern city in which tourists could find any facilities and accommodation options they might need in order to be comfortable while meeting Arcadia. Besides this, there are several buses and tours offered to tourists on daily basis from Tripoli to the major attractions in the region.

One of the most appealing characteristics of Arcadia is provided by its coastline. Arcadia has a very attractive coastline which counts with several different beaches and amazing landscapes. This way, this is one of the first areas visitors should meet while being in this destination, especially those who enjoy being close to the sea side.

Arcadia offers contrasting landscapes and spots, created by mountains, valleys, coastlines, beaches, and open green areas. This combination and mixture of different elements and spots provide Arcadia with a special charm that could not easily be found equally repeated in other destinations.

Visitors who are fond of nature and enjoy meeting spots full of natural beauty would be able to have a great time while visiting Arcadia. This area has a variety of mountains, coast lines, forests, and open green areas which would allow any person who enjoys being close to nature to have a great time.

The ideal time for visiting Arcadia is during spring or during the first days of autumn. During these seasons, the natural beauty of the region is at its best moment, and visitors could enjoy landscapes full of flowers, amazing olive trees, and a variety of other plants and trees. During spring time, tourists could observe how this flowers and plants flourish, and add this amazing experience to the several others offered by this destination.

Map of Arcadia in Greece