Epidaurus and its theater

Epidaurus is situated within the Greek region of Peloponnese, at about 60 kilometers from the southern area of Corinth and about 30 kilometers east from Nafpilon. There are several ways to reach this spot since it can be easily found by car as well as there are buses going to it from several different places, such as from Athens and from Nafpilon.

One of the most impressing and interesting spots in this destination is the Theater of Epidaurus. The Theater of Epidaurus is one of the most antique and appealing constructions of its kind of not only this region, but the entire Greece as well. It was built around the 4th century, by a famous architect known as Polykleitos, and nowadays still shows most of its original characteristics and structural elements.

The Theater of Epidaurus has such a size and structure that as many as 14000 spectators could easily find a seat in it. Although many other antique constructions lost part of their structures due to the fact that in some periods some of their stones and blocks were taken for new constructions, the Theater of Epidaurus wasn’t touched and therefore still contains most of its features.

Besides the theater, Epidaurus also offers several other interesting constructions to meet and activities to do. The Sanctuary of Asklepios, per example, is another amazing building tourists should visit while being in this destination. The Sanctuary of Asklepios was built in such a way that had accommodations for travelers, a variety of small temples, many bathrooms, a gymnasium, and an important stadium, all of them very interesting and peculiar.

Another interesting spot tourists can meet in Epidaurus is the Village of Palea Epidaurus. This village is located at about 6 kilometers from Epidaurus and has several beaches as well as a variety of facilities and entertainment related spots. This way, those visitors who wish to enjoy some fresh air, practice some water related sports, relax while sun bathing, and being in an open landscape after visiting the amazing antique constructions located in this destination, could easily do so by visiting the Village of Palea Epidaurus.

Map of Epidaurus in Greece