The village of Kefalari

Kefalari is a very attractive village located within the municipality of Argos, in the Greek region known as Peloponnese or Peloponnisos. This spot can be easily reached from Argos, since only three kilometers separate them, and therefore visitors who meet that city should also try to meet this village. It is interesting to know that this spot was initially called Ntousia, then it changed to Dousia, then to Zevgolatio, then to Zevgolatis, and then, around the year 1928, it was finally named Kefalari.

One of the most beautiful characteristics tourists could observe in Kefalari is provided by the River Elasinos and the amazing landscapes it offers. This River shows a particularly interesting sight towards the Church of Zoodochos Pigi, under which it forms a very beautiful lake. Also, within some forest areas, this River runs among trees and surrounded by an amazing natural environment which cause it to create a fantastic sight and a perfect spot for those who wish to loose stress and relax.

The cave of Kefalari is another interesting spot tourists can meet while they are in the village. This cave formerly functioned as a subterranean river channel. Most of its interest is due to the fact that, after some archeologists explored this spot, some ceramics from the Neolithic period were found, along with some other objects which provided proof of the fact that there were inhabitants in this area even before that époque.

Agriculture is the main economical resource on which this village is based and depends. Taking advantage of the fertile lands which exists in Kefalari, its inhabitants grow and harvest tomatoes, potatoes, legumes, cereals, apple trees, almond trees, pear trees, cherry trees, olive trees, citrus, and a special kind of vine grapes known as Soultanina and Agiorgitiko.

The central area of the village is characterized by its main square which has an ancient tree. Within this area of the village, tourists would be able to find a few coffees, pubs, and shops. Those visitors who meet Kefalari during the last weeks of July would also be able to enjoy the village’s annual festival which is held around the 20th of July every year around the central square.

Map of Kefalari in Greece