Meeting the town of Loutraki

Loutraki is a very appealing destination which offers an important variety of tourist options suitable for different ages and preferences. This Greek destination offers not only historical spots and antique constructions, but also may facilities and entertainment related spots such as spas and casinos as well.

The town of Loutraki is situated near the north western area of Athens at about 85 kilometers from the central area of the capital, by the coast of the Gulf of Corinth. This destination is very popular among tourists from other European countries, such as for example, Germans, Italians, and French among others.

In Ancient Greece, Loutraki was known as Thermae, and still today contains its main natural attractions just as they were during such époque. The natural environment, the weather conditions, the water, and the geographical location, cause Loutraki to be unique and very appealing for tourists.

One of the main natural characteristics and attractions of Loutraki is provided by its natural thermal waters and spa. The thermal waters in this spot have been known, since ancient Greece, as very therapeutic and of healing powers. This way, many tourists approach to this destination looking for these waters and willing to either relax and have fun or find some help in order to overcome a health problem.

Loutraki’s beaches are among the most attractive and beautiful ones in Greece. These beaches have been enjoyed by local people as well as by tourists from the entire world for many centuries, and maintain its great charm almost untouched. Not only the waters are of an amazing clear blue, but also the climate is usually extremely welcoming and template, in such a way that it is not surprising that this area has received several awards due to its beaches.

One of the main water bottling industries in the entire Greece comes from the region of Loutraki. This way, it is easy to see how strongly attached to the water this destination is, a characteristic which turns it to be a very peculiar and interesting spot. All those tourists who like being near water related landscapes and spending time at the beach would surely be able to have a great time while visiting Loutraki.

Map of Loutraki in Greece