The village of Zahlorou

Zahlorou is a traditional village located at an altitude of about 640 m, in the Greek region of Peloponnese. This destination offers the chance to enjoy a very peaceful and calm environment, full of beautiful natural landscapes, trees, green areas, and charming houses which cause it to have a very unique and picturesque appearance.

There are several interesting things to do and places to visit in Zahlorou. One of these places is the Castle of Orea, a unique antique construction. The Castle of Orea is a fortress of Venetian style located within the area of Zahlorou, and a place which tourists should not miss while visiting this destination.

The monastery is another construction tourists should not miss while being in the area of Zahlorou. This monastery was built in the 17th century and, since then, it has maintained most of its original features. Besides its interesting architectural structure and appearance, this monastery also allows visitors to meet some unique art work pieces exhibited in its interior, such as per example, frescoes, bronze art works, and mosaics.

Besides the main monastery, there also is another interesting religious construction located in this area as well, known as the Monastery of Agia Lavra. The Monastery of Agia Lavra is situated near the town of Kalavryta, and provides an amazing sight of the Vouraikos River Valley. This monastery was built as long ago as the year 960, a fact which turns it to be one of the most attractive spots in the region.

All those tourists who enjoy sports, and specifically skiing, would also be able to have a great time while meeting Zahlorou and its surroundings, by visiting what is known as the Ski Centre. The Ski Centre is located on the highest peak of Mountain Helmos, and offers two main lifts along with two great slopes, one at over 2400 meters and the other at about 1800 meters. From the slope located at over 2400 meters, visitors can enjoy an amazing view on great part of Peloponnese, a sight they could hardly find at other spot, and which adds to the uniqueness of this place.