The charming town of Nafplio

Nafplio is a charming small town located in the Greek region of Peloponnese, within the prefecture of Argolid surrounded by some valleys and near to some beautiful coast lines. This town used to be considered one of the most important spots in Greece, until the lapse of time between the 6th and 11th centuries BC when it started loosing popularity once the Myceneans invaded it.

Nafplio’s old city is a very picturesque and interesting spot which tourists should not miss while being in this area of Peloponnese. This place has many wooden balconies with plants and flowers at the sides of most of its streets, in such a way that walking by them can a be very enjoyable and unique experience.

There are many different antique constructions and spots visitors can meet in Nafplio, especially towards the area were the old town used to be. Among these constructions, visitors could find, per example, fountains of Turkish style, neoclassic buildings, mosques, and beautiful squares.

The Fortress of Palamidi, in Venetian style, is considered one of the most appealing spots of Nafplio. This antique fortress was very important in what was known as the battlements of Acronapfia and is very rich in history as well as it shows a very peculiar and interesting architectural structure.

The Archeological Museum of Nafplio is another place tourists should make sure of visiting. This museum exhibits a variety of antique objects and art work pieces, such as, per example, frescoes from not only this town, but from other towns of the region, such as Assini or Mycenae as well. This museum would be very interesting to all those visitors who like arts, history, architecture, and a variety of other related disciplines as well.

Besides than meeting its antique and historical spots, Nafplio also offers a variety of other activities to do and entertaining places to visit. Among these activities and places, there are many cafes, pubs, restaurants, discos, and cinemas, in such a way that no matter what a visitor’s age or preferences are, he would surely be able to find something appealing and fun to do.

Map of Nafplio in Greece