The Mani and its interesting past

The Mani is one of the Greek destinations located towards the most far southern area of Peloponnese, south of Sparta. This city is unique and extremely interesting to all those visitors who like meeting and observing antique constructions due to the great amount of them it has. Visitors who are in the Peloponnese and like meeting spots rich in historical past and full of amazing ancient constructions should try to meet the Mani since it would have a lot to offer to them.

The Mani is described as a region rather than a town, and contains part of the district of Messinia and part of Lakonia among other areas. This region is very interesting due to a variety of reasons, among which we can name its unique constructions, its interesting historical past, and its beautiful natural landscapes, among several others.

The region of The Mani is symbolized by a white and blue flag. This flag shows a blue cross over a white background with an inscription at its lower part saying Niki H Thanatos, which means Victory or Death. These words are extremely symbolic and were added to the flag due to the fact that in the Ottoman era, when many spots and cities were invaded, this region managed to be autonomous.

This destination known as The Mani has many amazing churches and castles which were built many centuries ago and show Frankish, Byzantine and Post Byzantine styles. These constructions are among the main attractions offered by this town, and it is very advisable that tourists ask for a guide of them and where they are in order to make sure of being able to meet all of them.

Due to its location and geographical characteristics, The Mani offers a variety of mountainous landscapes which provide it with a very picturesque surrounding. There also are several beautiful green areas, full of natural elements, which combines with this mountainous background, provide a unique environment which those tourists who are fond of landscaping would be able to enjoy, although some visitors often describe it as a very wild environment.

Map of Mani in Greece