The great Sparta

In ancient times, Sparta was one of the most important spots in not only Greece, but the entire Europe as well. During such époque, the territory of Sparta would comprehend the regions nowadays known as Messenia and Laconia. Nowadays, only a small portion of that ancient territory continues being called Sparta, an area located towards the northern side of Laconia. Modern Sparta is situated within a fertile plain which allows it to produce citrus and olives as well as a variety of other fruits and vegetables usually distributed throughout many other towns and spots in Peloponnese.

The history of Sparta is very rich and interesting, and provides this destination with a unique charm and appealing. During Ancient Greece times, Sparta was known as the most powerful state with the major naval force in the entire country. During those times, Athens and Sparta became strong allies against the Persian invaders, although they became enemies after a while as well.

One interesting fact to know about Sparta is that it used to have two kings. During the époque in which this territory was known as the Doric State of Sparta, it had a mixed governmental state which would allow two hereditary kings to rule at the same time and with equal powers. This peculiarity has been explained through several different theories, although there is not any single one which could be completely confirmed as certain.

Sparta was seen and known within Greece as a spot of military power. This is due to the fact that most Spartans used to be trained and prepared to be soldiers, and they could only change to another profession by specific request and permission. This was applied very strictly, and those who wouldn’t want to follow it would have to face hard penalties.

Nowadays, the destination known as Sparta contains many spots which allow tourists to meet the past of this territory face to face and explore many constructions, ruins, and structures which allow visitors to learn about the different aspects of this antique powerful region. Modern Sparta and its surroundings is a very interesting destination, which all those who enjoy history would find especially appealing.

Map of Sparta in Greece