The village of Andritsena

Andritsena is one of the most charming villages in the Greek region of Peloponnese. This mountain village shows a very picturesque appearance and offers unique attractions and characteristics which turn it to be one of the most beautiful destinations in the region.

Andritsena is characterized and known by its production of oregano and its beautiful surrounding mountains among several other features. While walking around and meeting Andritsena, visitors could hear sheep from the mountains as well as enjoy a beautiful landscape and an amazing amount of natural elements which are a major ingredient in the beauty of the town.

The village of Andritsena can be easily reached since tourists could find several transportation methods. One of the easiest ways to reach this town is by bus due to the fact that there are buses that connect it with many other destinations such as Athens, Tripolis, and Olympia. Also, visitors who wish to go to Andritsena by car would be able to do so while enjoying a beautiful landscape on their way, since the routes that lead to this town are, most of the time, in great conditions and surrounded by amazing sights.

One interesting fact to know about Andritsena is that it has one of the best libraries in the entire country, a library which contains many antique books as well as several which could hardly be found in another place. This way, those tourists who enjoy reading and are fond of literature related facts would be able to have a great time while meeting this village and its amazing library.

Andritsena also has a very interesting small museum in which tourists can meet a variety of interesting objects and elements. This museum exhibits a variety of rugs, antique family photographs, local and traditional wedding costumes, and farm tools, among many others.

One of the most interesting days to meet Andritsena is on Saturdays, since during that day of the week the weekly market of the village takes place on the entire main street. This way, while walking by this street on Saturdays, tourists could find a variety of interesting things to observe as well as meet local people and some of their traditional activities.

Map of Andritsena in Greece