The village of Geraki

Geraki is an attractive village situated within the Evrotas Plain, towards the south western area of Sparta, in the Greek region of Lakonia. This small village dates from ancient times and offers a variety of history related spots and other attractions which turn it into a unique and charming destination.

Geraki is famous throughout the region of Peloponnese due to its amazing antique castle. The Castle of Geraki was built during the first years of the 13th century and founded by Baron Guy de Nivelet in 1209. After its foundation, this castle was occupied by the Franks, a situation that ended in 1259 when the Franks were defeated and the Greeks occupied this building.

Besides the castle, there also are several other constructions tourists can meet in Geraki. One of these constructions is the Church of St. George. The Church of St. George is situated next to the Castle and, one of its main attractions is based on the fact that most of it still is in perfect conditions and visitors can observe many of its original structural elements and ornaments while meeting it.

The Church of Our Lady Zoodochos Pighi is another construction tourists should not miss while visiting Geraki. The Church of Our Lady Zoodochos Pighi is not only interesting due to the building itself, but also due to the fact that it contains several peculiar paintings from the 15th century in its interior.

Besides the already mentioned churches, there also are many other antique religious constructions spread throughout Geraki and its surroundings. Among these other antique religious constructions there is the Church of Evangelistra, the church of St. Paraskevi, the Church of St. Athanassios, the Church of St. John Chrysostomos, the Church of St. Nicholas, and the church of St. Sozon.

All the churches located in Geraki and its surroundings have their own peculiarities and attractions, and those visitors who are fond of architecture and history should try to meet as many of them as possible while being in the region. Besides all these antique constructions and religious buildings, tourists would also be able to find several other attractive spots and they could enjoy some amazing sights while meeting Geraki as well.

Map of Geraki in Greece