Lakonia and the Spartans

The prefecture of Lakonia, formerly known as Lacedaemonia, was one of the central areas in which the Spartans used to live in ancient Greece. This destination is located in the southern area of the region of Peloponnese, within Arkadia, and is characterized by its amazing historical past as well as by its natural beauty. Lakonia is one of the most visited spots in Greece due to the fact that it has a wide variety and an important amount of attractions and peculiarities.

There are many interesting things to do and antique constructions to meet in Lakonia. This destination’s antique traditions have marked its culture and architecture in such a way that they can still be easily noticed nowadays through its constructions, public areas, and festivities, among others. Architecture and history combine and unite in a unique manner throughout Lakonia’s constructions, and meeting this prefecture can be like going back into the past due to this prefecture’s amazing architectural structures and the stories hidden within their walls.

The region of Lakonia is home of several unique spots and tourists could find many destinations within this major one. Among the appealing destinations visitors could find in Lakonia, there is, per example, the cape of Tainaron, Cape Kavos, Maleas, Mount Parnon, Diros Caves, Mystras, and the Rock of Monemvasia.

The capital of Lakonia is Sparti, one of the main spots in Greece nowadays as well as many centuries ago when it was the central area of Lacaedonia and the Spartans. This particular spot is one of the most interesting in not only this region, but all Greece as well, and those tourists who enjoy meeting historic places should make sure of visiting this destination.

From castles and antique religious constructions, to beautiful beaches and unique caves, this destination offers almost anything a tourist may wish to find. There is so much to see and meet in Lakonia that a tight schedule would not allow tourists to meet all they might wish, and it would be advisable to choose and know in advance which specific spots they want to visit first in order to be able to meet as many of them as possible.

Map of Lakonia in Greece