Leonidio during summer time

Leonidio is a very attractive town which is famous by its coastlines, beaches and the great environment it offers during summer time. This town is situated on the coast of Arcadia, within the southeastern area of region of Peloponnese, and borders with Lakonia, other interesting destination tourists should not miss while visiting this area.

The town of Leonidio is where an ancient Greek settlement with their unique traditions, known as Tsakonia was born. The Tsakonian traditions can be still noticed through some local dialects and art form expressions, among which the most notable are the music and dance styles.

The Tsakonians have given this town and its surroundings with a special uniqueness, and it is one of the main peculiarities after which the town is known. There are several interesting antique buildings and religious constructions created by the Tsakonians many centuries ago and which can still be visited nowadays. Those tourists who visit Leonidio and enjoy disciplines and subjects such as history, architecture, and anthropology should not miss visiting these antique constructions, since they are not only interesting but also unique in their kind.

The beautiful environment and the amazing landscapes offered by Leonidio are based on the way in which it combines the mountains with its coastlines. While visiting this town, tourists could enjoy of a sight and a background in which the mountains and the coastline almost unite and mix with each other.

The characteristics of the environment, the climate, and the geographical location provide this area with great conditions for the growth and cultivation of a variety of products, such as per example citruses and vegetables. This way, besides its tourism related activities, Leonidio also count on other important resources provided by its lands which allow it to sell a variety of natural products and derivates.

Leonidio has a port located at about 4 kilometers from the central area of the town. This port, called Plaka, is rather calm and tranquil, and is surrounded by picturesque houses and bars. Near the port of Plaka, tourists could find one of the most beautiful beaches in the town, the Beach of Lakos, situated where River Daphnon begins.

Map of Leonidio in Greece