The fortified Mystras and its history

The city of Mystras used to be a fortified city which belonged to the region of Morea. Nowadays, this town still contains many of its antique elements and structures, and visiting it can be a great experience to all those who enjoy history as well as to those who are fond of disciplines such as architecture, anthropology, or those who like meeting beautiful natural landscapes and sights.

Throughout the pass of time, Mystras has had several different names. This spot has been known as Mizithras, Mistra, and Mystra among others, and still nowadays these different names are often used. This destination can be found within the Peloponnese, near Modern Sparta or Sparti and close to other interesting spots as well in such a way that tourists who visit it could also meet several appealing places.

During the first years of the 13th century, Mystras was named the seat of what was known as the Latin Despotate of Morea. The Latin Despotate of Morea was part of the Principality of Achaea. During that century, this region went through several important historical events, and a variety of interesting constructions from that époque can be still visited nowadays.

After being the sea of the Latin Despotate of Morea, Mystras became widely known as the main centre of Byzantine scholarship. A famous Neo-Platonist philosopher lived and taught his knowledge in Mystras during the 15th century, and his knowledge and points of view had such an importance that were taken as an important influence to the birth of the Italian Renaissance.

There are several other attractive towns and destinations near Mystras, allowing tourists to meet many unique spots while being in this area of Greece. Among these destinations, there is, per example, Farida, Sparta, Kalamata, Oinounta, and Magoula. This way, it is very recommendable that tourists visit this region with time enough as to meet these other spots besides Mystras, since each one of them has its own peculiarities and characteristics that differentiate it from the others and cause them to be worth while to take the time to visit them.

Map of Mystras in Greece