Achaia and its history

The origins of the Greek prefecture known as Achaia can be traced back to the époque in which the Mycenaean centers lost their power and a group of Achaians became the first inhabitants of this destination. After the Achainas settled in what is nowadays called Achaia, this area gained several towns and cities, and, towards the year 285 BC slowly started becoming a spot with political and social weight.

Around the year 145 BC, the region of Achaia became controlled by the Romans, adn a new historical period started for it. After that, it became occupied by the Palaiologues, who already were controlling an important part of the area of Peloponnese. This changed toward 1460, when most of region of Peloponnese was taken by the Turks. During the decade of 1680 and until 1715, it passed to new hands again, becoming a Venetian colony.

The capital of the prefecture of Achaia is called Patras, a name which derives from the name of Patreas, the chief of the first inhabitants of the town, the Achaians. This capital is one of the most interesting destinations in Greece, and is a must for those tourists who visit Achaia. Besides Patras, there also are several other interesting towns visitors can meet in Achaia, such as, per example, Algeira, Diakopto, Araxos, Aegio, Kalavryta, and Psathopyrgos.

The town called Kalavryta is another great spot which tourists should try to visit while being in this region. This town or village offers many unique and charming landscapes and is very rich in interesting historical events as well, a group of characteristics which cause it to be a very appealing destination.

One of the main attractions tourists could find in Achaia is the Achaia Clauss Factory. The Achaia Clauss Factory is an impressive castle of Bavarian style which is home of a very antique winery. This winery was founded in 1861, and is said to be the most antique of its kind in the entire country. Visitors can not only enjoy the architectural style and structure of the building, but also be part of a tour and learn about the different stages in the process of making wine.

Map of Achaia in Greece