The small island of Moni

Moni is a little island part of the Greek Sardonic Gulf islands. This little island has a sister islet called Angistri, and together they make an excellent destination to all those who enjoy peaceful and beautiful places as well as attractive beaches and great sea landscapes.

The small islands of Moni and Angistri are located across Perdika, towards the west coast of Aegina. Those tourists who visit Perdika and wish to meet these islets can easily do so by a short boat trip that would take no more than 10 minutes. Despite of this, often tourists who intend to take a short trip to Moni end up staying more or regretting not counting with more time for their visit, so it is always recommendable to try to count with as much time as possible to enjoy this destination.

The beautiful small Moni is almost a must for every tourist who visit the Saronic Gulf, specially the nearby Perdika or Aegina. There are constant usually daily boat trips from both islands to Moni, being this often included in tours showing the best of these islands and its surroundings.

Moni has a population of about 400 inhabitants, most of them very friendly and welcoming. These inhabitants, along with the great variety of beautiful natural landscapes Moni offers, turn this destination into a very appealing one which all tourists who visit the Saronic Gulf should not miss.

The beaches and sea landscapes tourists would find in Moni and Angistri are among the most beautiful ones in the entire Saronic Gulf. Any tourist who wish to be able to relax and sunbath while being surrounded by outstanding landscapes, would surely be able to have a great time in the island of Moni.

Besides its sea related spots and landscapes, Moni also counts with several other beautiful natural places. Among these natural places, tourists could find interesting caves, unique bays and attractive rocky spots, as well as beautiful green areas and small forests. Besides this, this island is also ideal for a peaceful sailing trip, and it is not unusual to see some small yachts and sailing boats near its coast.

Map of Moni in Greece