Vravrona and the Temple of Artemis

Vravrona, also known as Brauronia, is a very interesting destination located on the coast of the Aegean, in the metropolitan area of Athens, at about 40 km from the central area of the city. The main attraction in destination is the Temple of Artemis, around which most of the tourist activities of the area are centered.

The Temple of Artemis is a very interesting ancient construction, and it is very recommendable for tourists to visit it while being in Athens. This temple has different areas and constructions, among them there is a building which counted with several dinning rooms. Nearby this construction there are some ruins from what was a gymnasium.

The Temple of Artemis in Vravrona is known to be one of the most antique sanctuaries in the region of Attica. In this area were discovered some objects that confirm the fact that there were inhabitants in this spot during the Neolithic Period, being this one of the most appealing characteristics of Vravrona.

The Artemis of Vravrona, known as the Brauronian Artemis, was the Goddess which would protect women and children as well as the Goddess of hunting and vegetation. This Goddess was much worshipped in Vravrona, and during ancient Greece its Temple was the most popular construction in the area.

It is also interesting to know that there used to be a festival held every four years in honor to the Goddess Artemis of Vravrona. During this festival, Brauronian citizens used to go in a procession from a spot known as the Brauronion in Athens, to the Sanctuary of Artemis in Brauron or Vravrona. This way, this spot has a very rich historical past and meeting it can be a great experience which all those who visit the region should not miss.

One of the most interesting places visitors can meet in Vravrona is the Archeological Museum. This Archeological Museum exhibits a variety of ancient tools and objects related o the Temple and the surrounding constructions. Among the objects and tools visitors can meet in this museum there are statues, relieves, sculptures and pottery.

Map of Vravrona in Greece