Halkida – the capital of Evia

The city of Halkida, also known as Chalkida, Chalkis, Halkis, and Chalcida, is the capital of the island of Evia, the second largest island in Greece after Crete. This destination offers a wide variety of attractions, and is without any doubt one of the first places visitors who go to Evia should meet.

Halkida counts with a very interesting and rich historical past which can be seen reflected through many of its buildings and constructions. Among the most interesting and history related antique constructions tourists can visit in Halkida, there is, for example, the fountain of Arethousa, the bridge, several churches, the refugee quarters, the Roman Mains, and a variety of mansions and houses.

There are references written about Halkida or Chalcis in the Iliad, where this city is named as being an important rival of Eretria. Besides this, some excavations conducted within this area have brought to light several important aspects of the everyday life of the town during the 8th century BC. Besides this, it is also interesting to know that experts also discovered many products original from Halkida distributed through several other spots in the Mediterranean Sea.

One of the first most important events in the history of Halkida took place during what is known as the Lelantine War. During this war, Halkida became the main city of Evia and gained control over the best agricultural area of Euboea. This moment was very important in the city’s future and destiny, since much of its further wealth was based on it through the power and lands it acquired. But besides this, there also were many other important historical events and moments which had a great impact on the future of the city, and tourists could easily learn about them during their visit to the city and while meeting the different ancient constructions it has.

Besides its antique constructions, Halkida also offers a variet of sea related attractions and resorts which turn it into a perfect destination for all those tourists who wish to enjoy the sea and relax at beautiful beaches. Some of the main resorts visitors would find in Halkida are: Perfki, Rovies, Steni Dirfis, Karystos, Eretria, Psahna, Aedipsos, Agia Anna, Lihada, Kymi, Amarynthos, Almyropotamos, and Limni Evias.

Map of Halkida in Greece