Evia – a large and beautiful island

The island of Evia, also called Evoia or Euboia is a very beautiful and large island located within the Sporades of Greece. This island, the second largest in Greece after Crete, is often considered to be one of the most appealing destinations in the country due to the great combination of attractions it offers.

Evia has a length of about 150 kilometers and a width that ranges between about 50 and 10 kilometers. This island is separated from the rest of Greece by the Euboic Sea and counts with many attractive beaches as well as a very beautiful coastline which is, without any doubt, one of the main attractions offered by this destination.

According to some experts, Evia was originally part of the mainland of Greece and later separated from it after an earthquake. This theory seems to be proven by the shape and form of the island, which at some points seems to match the border of the mainland and which, towards its northern part, is separated from it by a straight. Nowadays, this island is connected to the mainland of Greece by two main bridges, one connecting it with Athens through Chalcida and other with Thiva, also through Chalcida, offering easy access to visitors who wish to approach from such places.

The island of Evia has several mountains which spice the landscape with a different element now and then. Among these mountains, we can name, for example, Ochi, with a height of about 1400 meters, Dirphys, with a height of about 1750 meters, and Pyxaria, with a height of about 1340 meters. This way, during their visit to Evia, tourists can meet very different landscapes which can go from beautiful coastlines and beaches to impressive mountains.

Since ancient Greece times, Evia has been considered an important commercial center, mainly due to the importance and location of its two main cities, Eretria and Chalcis. This importance can be proven by the fact that other towns and cities, such as Athens, would use the same scale of measures as Evia in the commercialization of their products.

Map of Evia in Greece