The ancient Thiva

Thiva is an ancient name used to denominate part of Thebes, and is, without any doubt, one of the most interesting and appealing destinations in the entire country. The city of Thiva is situated on the northern area of the Cithaeron range, between Attica and Boeotia, in central Greece. There so many amazing antique spots and ancient areas to meet in Thiva that it is recommendable for tourists to count with as much time for visiting it as possible since this is an absolutely unique place which deserves as much attention and exploration as it can have.

The city of Thiva is related to many ancient legends and myths, a characteristic counted among its main attractions. These legends were not only important in ancient Greece times but also in the future since they have had a strong influence in areas such as literature and arts in general among others.

One of the main attractions in Thiva, as well as one of the most interesting places tourists could find in all Greece, is the citadel Cadmea. The ancient Cadmea was founded by Cadmus, a spot which was deeply explored in the year 1909 when many antique legends and myths became more clear after some discoveries produced in that place.

Several excavations in Thiva have brought to the light many amazing facts and elements from ancient Greece. These excavations have allowed historians, archeologists, and professionals from a variety of other disciplines to learn about ancient cultures and discover facts which are of major importance to not only Greece but the entire world as well. Among the elements and objects discovered in these excavations there are, per example, letters, cylinder seals, weapons, and many tablets with inscriptions of the type known as Linear B.

The main attraction offered by Thiva is its amazing antique history. This is a destination which those who like disciplines such as archeology, history, anthropology, art history, and architecture among others, should not miss while meeting Greece. This destination is one of the most amazing ones visitors could find in Greece and maybe the entire world, and therefore they should make sure of visiting it while being in this region.