Visiting Delphi

Delphi is a city which combines modern attractions with ancient elements in a very interesting and appealing way. This city situated in central Greece, on a side of Mount Parnassus and overlooking the Pleistos Valley, a characteristic which allows it to provide a spectacular sight. In ancient Greece times, Delphi was seen and worshipped as the centre of the universe. This way, this place is known to have a great past and unique constructions as well as it is extremely interesting from a historical point of view.

According to Greek legends, once what was known as the Battle of Platea finished, most Greek villages and cities were in fire and Delphi gave us the strength to overcome such situation. This spot was seen as the centre of Greece and would be from where many of the greatest natural changes or even disasters would be born.

The Goddess of earth was one of the main deities worshipped in Delphi and therefore it would explain the important attachment which this spot used to have with natural disasters. Actually, this city’s name seems to be strongly related to such deity since in Greek it can be understood as meaning an archaic veneration for the Goddess of Earth.

This city is strongly related to ancient Greek mythology and legends. One of these legends tells that this was the spot where Apollo’s trip ended after walking from the north of Greece. In this trip, Apollo picked up some laurel, a plant which counts with a special and sacred meaning.

Delphi was also famous due to its oracles. One of the first and most important oracles this city and Greece had was the Oracle of Pythia. This oracle would be conducted by Herophile, being a creature who would sing the predictions given to it by Gaia. This oracle was very important not only for Delphi but for the rest of the country as well since its influence was very powerful and could reach cities across Greece. Another interesting fact related to this oracle is that this creature was who stated that Socrates was the most intelligent and wise man in Greece, causing him to respond that then he was the only one aware of his own ignorance.

Map of Delphi in Greece