Visiting Kastraki

Kastraki is a very small town situated near the Monasteries of Meteora and Kalambaka, in central Greece and is known within the surrounding destinations as the town which offers the best sight of Meteora. This place counts with some interesting attractions and receives many tourists who visit it on their way to Meteora in a constant basis.

The town of Kastraki counts with a very interesting cave which, centuries ago, was used as a prison. This prison cave and its interesting history is one of the major attractions offered by Kastraki and therefore tourists should make sure of meeting it while being in this town.

The prison cave in Kastraki was famous throughout the entire region of central Greece and even in all the country due its characteristics. It is said that those monks from the Meteora monasteries who would not follow the rules would be taken to this prison and be allowed to receive nothing but water and bread. Besides this, this cave prison was also widely known due to the fact that it was impossible to escape from it since it is situated on a drop at more than 50 meters of height.

Kastraki is often seen as an ideal town for spending the night while visiting Meteora. Despite of being very small, this town offers most of the basic commodities a tourist could need and allows them to reach Meteora and Kalambaka very easily since it is situated right next to them.

The town of Kastraki is also interesting due to the great views tourists can enjoy from it and the nice natural environment it has. According to the opinion of many visitors, the best sight of the rocks of Meteora is the one that can be enjoyed from Kastraki due to its particular location.

Kastraki is as close as at 2 kilometers from Kalambaka, and therefore it is very easy to go from one of them to the other. Many rock climbers who approach this area in order to practice their sport also stay in Kastraki for the night while spending the day in the pinnacles of Meteora.

Map of Kastraki in Greece