The town of Kalambaka

Kalambaka is a spot which tourists usually visit together with some other surrounding spots such as, for example, Meteora. Kalambaka is a very attractive small town situated next to a formation of gray rocks and near the River Pinios, a combination which provides it with a very attractive background and amazing landscapes.

The rock formation or conglomerate pinnacles of Kalambaka count with a height of between 100 and 150 meters. These pinnacles formerly were part of a riverbed which would connect the plain of Thessaly with the Mountains Hassies. Nowadays, these pinnacles owe their shape to their former riverbed as well as to the natural erosion caused by the wind and other factors.

One of the main spots tourists should make sure of meeting while being in Kalambaka is its church. The Church or Cathedral of Kalambaka, known as the Church of the Dormition of the Virgin, is an interesting antique construction built on a low hill and which nowadays still conserves many of its original structural elements and ornaments despite of the important amount of time which has passed since it was built.

Another spot visitors should not miss in Kalambaka is a Cathedral built in the 11th century and which still shows some of its original characteristics. This cathedral is not only amazing due to its antiquity and architecture but also due to the fact that in its interior tourists could meet some frescoes and a variety of other antique art work pieces as well.

Those tourists who visit Kalambaka coming from Trikala would be able to meet many picturesque small towns or villages on their way. There are several attractive spots between these tow cities, and therefore it is very recommendable to count with some extra time while traveling from one of them to the other.

The surroundings of Kalambaka are very attractive as well and count with several green areas and country lands which turn it into a great place for all those who enjoy the nature. Besides this, tourists could also be able to enjoy an amazing sight on the Plain of Thessalia and other places from this surrounding country lands.

Map of Kalambaka in Greece