Trikala – in Thessaly

Trikala is a city located within the region of central Greece, towards the north western side of the area called Thessaly. This city is the capital of the Prefecture of Trikala and can be found towards the north western side of Athens and Karditsa, to the eastern side of Metsovo and Loannina, to the to the western area of Larissa, to the south western of Thessaloniki, and to the south of Grevena.

The city of Trikala has fertile lands which allow it to count on agriculture as an economical resource. This spot counts with a variety of beautiful landscapes and attractive natural areas as well as with many historical and antique constructions in such a way that most tourists could find something appealing to do or meet.

Trikala owes its name to Trikki, the daughter of Pinios, and is also said that this spot was where Aesculapious or Asklepios was born. This way, this spot is full of mysticism and magic, and those who enjoy mythology, history, archeology, and antique stories would be able to have a great time while visiting it. It is also interesting to know that the city of Trikala is divided by an antique aqueduct. This aqueduct divides the town in two and is part of its personality.

One of the main spots tourists should visit while being in Trikala is the ruins of the old sanctuary. This sanctuary was built in honor to a physician god and its ruins can be still visited near the town’s central square and the Saint Nicholas Church, another attractive construction.

Tourists who visit Trikala could meet constructions and styles from different époques. This way, they could find some buildings or elements from the Roman period as well as some other from the Hellenistic époque. Among these constructions and spots there are baths, mosaics, and mosaic floors, all of the offering a clear and appealing antique style.

There also are several other interesting spots to visit in Trikala, such as per example the Church of Agii Anargyri and the Church of Agios Demetrios. These churches show a peculiar Byzantine style and still conserve several of its original features almost the same way they looked centuries ago.

Map of Trikala in Greece