Relaxing in Anafi

Anafi is an ideal destination for anybody who needs to relax and be in a peaceful environment. This island, situated within the Greek archipelago of the Cyclades, is not among the most visited spots in the group of islands but, at the same time, counts with very beautiful beaches and amazing landscapes, turning it into a paradisiacal option to any tourist who wishes to enjoy the sea without being surrounded by a great amount of people. Natural beauty and interesting historical events combine in a unique way turning this destination into a very attractive one for tourists of many different ages and preferences.

The capital town of Anafi, called Hora, is at a distance of about 2 km from Agios Nikolas, the small port of the island. The town of Hora offers a charming traditional appearance. Tourists who visit this town could find a wide range of facilities combined with traditional spots, such as taverns offering great traditional meals.

According to what could be discovered about the ancient island’s history, it is believed that, around the 2nd millennium BC it was ruled by the Minoans. Another interesting fact regarding this island’s history is that during the 2nd millennium BC, it was related to the Phoenicians, as some archeological discoveries indicate.

This island is also strongly attached t the ancient Greek mythology. According to the mythology, this island was created by Apollo, and some mythological stories tell that Jason and the Argonauts would be related to this destination as well. This strong relation with the antique Greek mythology adds an extra attractive to the island’s appealing.

Anafi’s history is also strongly related to piracy. This island would be invaded and attacked by pirates very often, and there actually are many stories about hidden treasures at some spots in its territory. As it can be seen, this island counts with several special appealing characteristics related to its past, and those tourists who enjoy disciplines such as history, archeology would surely be able to have a great time in this destination. This is surely an island tourists should not miss while being nearby, no matter what their preferences are.

Map of Anafi in Greece