The small unchanged Folegandros

Folegandros, located in the archipelago of the Cyclades, is a small, beautiful, and almost undiscovered by massive tourism destination. This is one of the few small untouched islands in the Greek archipelago, ideal for those tourists who wish to meet a truly traditional spot in which its typical features haven’t been changed in order to satisfy the visitors and the entire atmosphere is of relaxation and tranquility.

The island of Folegandros counts with three main yet small villages called Chora, Ano Meria, and Karavostasi. These three villages are a must for every visitors who approaches the island, since each one of them counts with some unique characteristics worthwhile taking a time to meet and explore.

One of the main economical resources this island counts on is the production of cereals. This way, it is not unusual to see cereal plantations with the picturesque characteristic of being surrounded by a special type of walls which the island inhabitants build around their plantations in order to protect them from some undesired weather conditions.

The village known as The Chora can not be accessed by motorcycle, car or any other large vehicle in such a way that the ideal way to visit it is on foot or by bicycle. This is a very peaceful village in which tourists can enjoy a traditional drink while sitting on a beautiful square surrounded by trees, typical constructions, and feeling the smell of home made bread.

Ano Meria, other of the most important villages in Folegandros, is surrounded by a great number of cereals and other cultivations. In the central area of the village, tourists could find several traditional taverns as well as some other interesting attractions, such as several attractive beaches and a museum exhibiting objects related to the island’s history.

The village of Karavostasi can be found around the port of same name. From this port, tourists can go on excursions to several other nearby destinations and beaches in other islands, such as Agios Nikolaos, Angali, or Livadi. Besides its port, this village also has several other things to offer, and tourists should make sure of walking around and breathing the fresh pure air while enjoying the relaxed pace of the local lifestyle.

Map of Folegandros in Greece