Korissia – Main port in Kea

Korissia, also known as Livadi, is a town which has the main port in the island of Tzia or Kea, in the Greek archipelago of the Cyclades. This town or village is situated towards the north western area of Kea, and is considered the most popular destination in the island, counting with a wide variety of facilities for tourists to feel comfortable and enjoy their visit.

The town of Korissia and is port are built on the same spot in which an ancient Greek town, called Koressia, was. Nowadays, tourists can still visit some ruins from that ancient former town, such as some walls and some remains from a Sanctuary of Apollo. This way, one of the main attractions offered by this spot is offered by these ruins, turning it into a very appealing destination to tourists who are fond of archeology, history, and architecture, among other disciplines.

The port of Korissia is not only the main port of the island and one of the most important in the Cyclades, but also is recognized to be among the safest natural harbors in the entire Mediterranean, providing it with a unique appealing and attractive. This port is without any doubt, one of the main and more distinguishing characteristics the island of Kea counts on, and is a must for all tourists who approach to this destination.

Korissia also counts with several beautiful beaches located in the town’s coastline as well as in other near by coasts. Although some of these beaches can be crowded during high seasons, most of the time tourists who wish to go to a more tranquil spot could find a less visited one due to the fact that there are many of them located at different distances from the centre of the village.

The town of Korissia has a variety of cafes, restaurants, bars, and traditional village taverns for tourists to visit. The centre of the town is built around the port, causing this destination to offer a very attractive and charming appearance, as well as allowing visitors to enjoy, for example, a typical meal at a local restaurant while having a great view on the port and the coast.

Map of Korissia in Greece