The picturesque Kea

Kea is a very picturesque island situated in the Aegean Sea, within the Cyclades archipelago. This island is very close to other attractive destinations, such as for example, the island of Attica, Cape Sounio, and Athens, and is a great choice to all those who enjoy peaceful spots offering a variety of traditional unchanged elements.

There is a variety of reasons turning Kea into a very appealing destination. Among these reasons, we can name its peculiar past, its unique antique constructions, the landscapes it offers, its coastlines, and the great other destinations visitors located near by. Any tourist who wishes to visit a non crowded and tranquil destination would surely make a good choice when opting for Kea.

While being in Kea, tourists can easily visit several others near by destinations and islands. There is a variety of ferries and boats connecting the island with other spots, in such a way that visiting near destinations such as Athens, Attica or Cape Sounio is, most of the times, very easy.

During the last years, Kea has been gaining popularity as a yachting destination. This way, this spot receives yachting travelers from a variety of origins, especially from Athens, in an almost constant basis, giving this island a different and peculiar environment.

The capital town of Kea is called Ioulis. Ioulis is a village or town situated on a hill, at a rather high altitude. This location was not chosen randomly, but is due to the fact that, just like many other towns in the Cyclades, Ioulis needed to be careful about pirates and a high location would allow them to easily check in case they would approach.

Besides Ioulis, Kea also has some other small towns or villages tourists should not miss during their visit to the island. Among these other villages, tourists should visit, for example, Vourkari and Korrisia. Vourkari is a picturesque fishing village, ideal for enjoying some fresh sea food while enjoying as beautiful landscape, and Korrisia is where the island’s main port is situated, also offering a few nice taverns and restaurants with traditional Cycladic food.

Map of Kea in Greece